Anna Zhilyaeva

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Anna Zhilyaeva
Anna Zhilyaeva.jpg
NationalityFrench / Russian
EducationHerzen University
Known forVirtual reality painting, mixed reality videos
Notable work
Virtual reality live painting performances

Anna Zhilyaeva (aka Anna Dream Brush) is a French / Russian immersive artist based in La Garde.

Early adopter of virtual reality, her strong involvement in the community has led her to perform worldwide, in mythic places like the Louvre museum in Paris.

As pioneer of Art in mixed reality, her videos have inspired many people[1][2] to start painting in virtual reality.


Constantly improving her technique and pushing the boundaries of virtual reality, her goal is to make her artworks look like real world paintings from any angles. At a TEDx conference[3], she adopted the term ‘Volumism’ to describe her immersive creations of sculptured paint, because of "the way this technology offers to create any volume and breaks the laws of gravity".

Mixed reality art

For every artwork, Anna produces a mixed reality video. This technique allows a person not equipped with a virtual reality headset, to watch her paint inside the virtual world. The videos are then shared on social networks under her nickname 'Anna dream brush'.

"Hope" Mixed reality by Anna Zhilyaeva
"Hope" Mixed reality by Anna Zhilyaeva

Virtual reality painting performances

Anna Zhilyaeva performs all around the world. Her shows consist in producing an artwork in virtual reality in front of an audience which can see the process live projected on a screen. In June 2018, she recreated a classical painting live at the Louvre museum during a three hours performance. In August 2019, she performed live in front of 45.000 spectators at the Worldskills 2019 opening in Khazan.

She often performs with musicians, dancers or orchestra like at the EuroScience Open Forum opening in July 2018.

Anna Zhilyaeva performing during the Worldskills 2019 opening in Kazan
Anna Zhilyaeva at the Worldskills 2019 opening in Kazan


Anna Zhilyaeva totalize 13 years of graduate studies in art and education.

At the age of 14, she left home to enroll at the fine art school of Orenburg (Russia) with two year in advance, and graduated successfully after five years, youngest of the school. With her title of “Artist painter, fine arts teacher” and eager to learn, she then moved to Moscow to attend the Academy of Arts where she studied sculpture and painting restoration. She then studied one year of architecture at the university of Orenburg, one year at the University of Cinema and TV of Saint Petersburg, validated (in one year) a three years diploma of fine art at Herzen University, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

During her studies, she also worked as cartoon animator, portraitist, game designer and freelance illustrator. She was Art Director at Lenizdat, the oldest publishing house[4] of Saint Petersburg, when she decided to move to France and pursue her studies. After obtaining a master’s degree in Education, she founded a non-profit organization where she has been teaching fine art.


  • VR awards (London, Nov. 2017)[5]
  • Louvre museum (Paris, June 2018)
  • EuroScience Open Forum opening (Toulouse, July 2018)
  • Campus party (Milan, July 2018)[6]
  • Arabian Trade Market (Dubai, April 2018)
  • Theatre Casino de Paris (Paris, September 2018)
  • VR days (Zurich, September 2018)[7]
  • TEDx Bologna (Bologna, October 2018)[3]
  • Web summit (Lisbon, November 2018)[8]
  • TEDx Bergamo (Bergamo, March 2019)
  • Prada invites (Paris / Milan / London / Berlin, April 2019)
  • Web Marketing Festival opening (Rimini, June 2019)
  • Worldskills 2019 opening (Khazan, August 2019)
  • Opex Day conference, Hugo Boss (Izmir, Septembre 2019)[9]
  • Design Week Turkey (Istanbul, November 2019)
  • 'A Carnival of Fantasies', HTC / National Palace Museum of Taiwan (Taipei, December 2019)
  • NASSCOM Technology and Leadership Forum (Mumbai, February 2020)


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