Reading – Virtual reality painting

Reading – Virtual reality art

As a little girl, when my mom entered in my room, she often found me on the floor in the middle of many open books.

I could never choose which one to read first. So I had been reading like twenty books simultaneously: read a bit of one, then went to another one and another, until I came back to the first.

Since I can remember, I’ve always been with books. In any country, in any city, I went to a libraries. When I travel, half of my backpack is filled with books, in different languages, from different centuries.

I read while I’m walking. It’s very practical, just try it 😉 Especially if you are familiar with the way and you just need to go somewhere you know. So, you can take the sun, move little, study something at the same time, and look pretty strange 😀 %) but who cares…

I moved many times… changed cities and countries, started from zero. But no one can steal my most precious wealth: the heritage of generations, the funny and sad stories, the knowledge.